Sunday, 2 May 2010

Good Intentions

This blog is new! I plan to post about once a week. If you were quick off the mark last month you may have seen some of my test posts, they will return.  Regular posing will commence as soon as Google starts indexing this site..

About the pencil: it's a large diameter, triangular school pencil. Linex, is that rare thing: a brand not listed on Bob Trudy's site. Google tells me the brand belongs to Bantex, an Australian company. I bought the pencil (it is new) in Prague.


memm said...

Congratulations, what a great find! I have never seen this pencil before.

Henrik said...

Nice blog it looks promising. Linex was once a popular budget brand in pencils here in Denmark - however, I didn't know it was owned by Bantex or that Bantex was an Aussie brand. Never seen this one before, though.

Black Sal said...

@memm - thanks. Yes I was pleased with it. It was one of a bundle that I bought in a stationery shop in Prague - having spent the whole day keeping my eyes open, with no luck at all, I found an art-supply and stationery shop 50m from my hotel; where I astonished the staff by buying examples of every pencil they had :-)

Black Sal said...

@henrik, thank you