Monday, 17 May 2010

Koh-i-Noor British Graphite

A pair of interesting pencils. The sharp edges, as well as the intriguing text, suggest they are fairly old.

British Graphite?  I wonder where that came from, the old graphite mines in Cumbria were exhausted long before these pencils were made.

They bring to mind another pair of pencils in my collection that mention the source of the graphite they contain - the infinitely more glamorous Alibert mines in Siberia. I will hunt them out and put a picture here soon


memm said...

I wonder how old they really are. Have you tried writing with them or are they too rare (and awe-inspiring) to use?

Black Sal said...

Hi memm,
They are not sharpened, so I haven't tried them. Perhaps I should sharpen just one of them...

Pencils are pretty impossible to date, aren't they> but the dull lacquer, the thin paint, the gold lettering and particularly the sharp edges means I am pretty confident they are not modern.