Thursday, 13 May 2010

Often Imitated

At work this morning I opened my desk drawer and spotted a pencil that looked very like the old Mars Lumograph I posted earlier this week: a MAJISCULE, a blatant copy of the Lumograph colour scheme.

I wondered how many other Lumograph look-a-likes I had in my collection, and a five minute search revealed these:

I guess it's a compliment to be copied.

Here you can see

  • MAJUSCULE H (a cheap pencil, bought in the UK)
  • MARS-LUMOGRAPH (UK, pretty standard)
  • MARS-LUMOGRAPH (Germany, left-handed)
  • MARS-DURALAH (a permanent marking pencil)
  • Paramount Diamond Drawing (I have no idea where I got this from)
I note that
  • Only one of these pencils uses lower case letters
  • Arnold, Paramount and Majiscule are all unknown to Bob Trudy I am doing well for unusual pencils in this blog so far :-)


memm said...

A few weeks ago I was wondering how many Staedtler copies there might be. For some reason Staedtler pencils seem to get copied more often than pencils from other brands, e.g. Faber-Castell. Nice to see your collection of look alikes.

Black Sal said...

I found another one at the weekend, I will post an update when I get round to photographing it.