Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Recent Purchases

These are from the same shop in Twickenham that I found the crackle-free Venus: four strange pencils lurking among the ubiquitous Staedtler Traditions

I show them together because they illustrate a pretty standard oddments haul from a UK Stationery shop. I think that independent shops regularly receive samples and previews - and simply sell them off.

The Helix Oxford is an unusual pencil to see on sale loose - the Oxford brand is better known for sets of mathematical instruments to be used at school. This particular pencil doesn't appear on the Helix website, so perhaps it is discontinued (or new?). The wood is a curious red colour, and I will return to this pencil again in the next few posts.

Fox Essentials is (I think) a random 'brand' stamped on some undistinguished Chinese pencil - I have other identical pencils stamped with different names.

Rexel is well known stationery brand - but their website makes no mention of pencils. Considering it is cheap this pencil is actually quite attractive - plain wood well finished and lightly lacquered and a smart navy blue painted cap.


John said...

Those Staedtlers are some of the nicest "grease pencils" I've used. They are smooth and strong, with nice colors.

AW said...

Wow, Black Sal, I'm excited about your find! If I can get to UK, I will check out this shop. I have a few Oxfords that I got through PencilThings.com (and is now out of stock).

I don't know if it is your photo, but that wood looks significantly darker than the wood from mine, which is more of a pinkish color than red.

Check out my review of the Oxford here, if you get a chance.