Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Bought in different shop in last few months, different brand names but otherwise identical.  These are cheap every-day pencils with scratchy core.  Presumably somewhere in China there is a pencil factory where someone amuses themselves by periodically changing the text being stamped on the pencils.


Matthias said...

Fox essentials is very common around Preston. The scary bit is that it is replacing good-quality pencils in post offices etc. :(
Pencils last so long for what they cost, why ruin it to save a few pence for an item that will last weeks or months..

razide17 said...

Fox Essentials is the name of a craft catalogue (cross-stitching,papercraft quilling, jigsaw puzzels) my wife gets.

The pencils could be promotional items for it or bonus items for ordering early or for large amounts.