Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Daler Rowney Artists Sketching

A very modern-looking pencil I thing. The paint is thin, and thinly applied which gives the pencil a 'green' feel to it, in the ecological sense of the word. The core is soft and wide, and clearly for sketching, not for writing.  The glossy black hood, and silver rim denote quality.


Eric said...

With the paint being so thin you think they would have just left the pencils without any paint. I think they would look a lot better with the natural wood off setting the black lettering.

personalized pencils said...

this pencil is good to use in shadings.. the leads are thicker but its better. where can I find this kind of pencil can you tell me? I really want one..

Kevin said...

I have a twelve pencil tin of these...beautiful tin. Indeed the paint is very thin but a very unusual faded green which I like...almost like distressed furniture. The problem is, as pretty as they are in the tin, when I use one or two pencils up, where do I get loose stock replacements. Finding Daler-Rowney in loose stock is very difficult here in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying for the best part of three years to find loose replacements for these pencils with no luck. There is one online store in the UK that sells them individually, but unfortunately not internationally.

Jacksons stock them from time to time in WA, but are only ever sold in kits. They also sell lovely leatherette cases for them.

If you do find somewhere please post it.

Also, it's not a paint on the pencils but a natural stained finish. It lends the pencils a beautiful tactile personality.

If only they could be bought loosely!