Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Eberhard Faber Van Dyke

Not a pencil that I have in my collection, unfortunately, but I was reminded of by the publicity surrounding the launch of the Palomino BlackWing last month.

Interesting to see another pencil with a pull-out and replacable eraser. I imagine pencil owners chopped up erasers to create a piece that would fit into the ferrule?  I wonder if the ferrules for these pencils were the same component, or manfactured centrally.

So, a question for pencil collectors - are there any other pencils, other than the Van Dyke and the Blackwing, with this feature? If you have an example of both, how do the ferrules compare?


Gunther said...

What a nice graphic! Thank you for showing it. Do you have any details about it, e g. the year?

adair said...

Yes, the Microtomic, which at an early phase was the Van Dyke before becoming its own line. It too was produced by Eberhard Faber.

Andy @ Woodclinched said...

Ooh! I think I actually have one of these pencils. I will look for it and post some pictures over at Woodclinched!

Black Sal said...

@Gunther - no, I don't know the year - but these blotters I think look to me like 1940s / 1950s ???.

@adair - interesting, did the microtomic have the same 601 number?

@Andy - brilliant, I am looking forward to seeing it.

I had a look on Google Maps to see if 323 South Salina Street still exists: it does, it's Chinese fast food restaurant now.

adair said...

No, the Microtomic did not have the 602 number. It was one of the great American pencils, though, and was marketed to engineers and architects mainly. Even at "H" grades, it had a darker than usual line and great point retention. Sean Malone at The Blackwing Pages has a post on this pencil, "A Blackwing By Any Other Name." By the way, the Microtomic came in three options: with the crimped ferrule; with a metal end-cap; with no end cap at all. There was even a chisel-point version!

Black Sal said...

perhaps I have one
(I so need to catalogue my pencils!)

emr2425 said...

I like the black ferrule with the yellow pencil. I wonder why these weren’t as popular as the Backwings?

Anthony Lambruschi said...

Hey, I got an old tool chest today and in it was the cool pencil with a removable eraser nib. I did a quick search for van dyke pencil and you popped up first!

I figure since you collect pencils, and this would just sit around and get forgotten about that you might want it.
Heres a pic if you want to add it to your collection, its been used down to the Van dyke part but still was a pretty cool find:

Dorian Bahr Company said...

I was cleaning out a house I purchased and found 2 Van Dyke 601 F woodclinched pencils with pull out eraser (as shown in above image) does anyone know what they may be worth and should they be kept as a collector piece?

Anonymous said...

I have a box of the van dyke ever hard #601woodclinched pencils that have never been sharpened! They supposedly were owned by Cole Porter in Peru, IN but of course I can't proved that. But I did get them from an older lady in Peru. Where could I get them appraised? Any idea of their worth?