Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Royal Sovereign ~Wolffs' ~ Iron Duke ~ Hard Copying Pencils

This was a recent eBay purchase which I was very happy with! - it's a box of beautiful Brtish Pencils from early 20th Century.

The pencils are round, with lovely, rich blue-grey metallic colour, with delicate gold lettering, and factory-sharpened with a flat angle, giving a stubbier point than hand sharpening would yield.

And there is something VERY unusual about them: do you see what it is?

The text is right-handed on one side, and left handed on the other.  That's to say each pencil contains both right and left-handed text.  That's something I don't recall ever seeing before.

Here's some close-ups  (note to self, I need a macro lens for christmas, and to find some better way of lighting a pencil)

Stunning. The core is thick and black and is (I would guess) a H or F hardness.

The Iron Duke was of course the Duke of Wellington, victor over Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo, placing this pencil firmly in the tradition of military pencils popular in the US (Ticonderoga, General).

Many eBay purchases disappoint (more on that to come in future posts...) but this box I count as one of my best buys for a long time.


Let's Talk Sleep with Theresa Shumard said...

These are beauties! Thanks for sharing the photos.

memm said...

Beautiful! Will you try them out or are they too precious for that?

Anonymous said...

I have one of these boxes too at home. What have you paid on E-bay for them?