Monday, 20 June 2011

yes, but what's that pencil he's holding?

This is the winning entry from this year's BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

It's by Wim Heldens and is entitled Distracted

It's a splendid portrait...  but what's that pencil he's holding?

I have been to the NPG to see the painting first hand, and there is no visible brand name painted.  The pencil is hexagonal with alternate dark and light blue faces.  This is the best quality image I could find on the web.

Any ideas?


Xavier Ruch said...

Dear Black Sal,
One dark blue / light blue pencil that springs to mind is the Nataraj Platinum:

Diane Schirf said...

I can't see it but the Staedtler Cadet is blue and white on alternating faces. It's the Cadet in the USA but something else in Europe, which I can't recall.

Palimpsest said...

Staedtler Rally?

Anonymous said...

There's also the Faber-Castell Goldfaber with alternating silver and dark blue faces:

Anonymous said...

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Anadolu Design said...

Totally love how this came out--looks like something from an editorial. Love the feather earrings.
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Shelf Appeal said...

I vote for a Staedtler too, but the Mars Lumograph.