Thursday, 28 July 2016

Boxed - Prestige Quality Pencil

I thought I would start a series of posts featuring boxed pencils.
Most of the pencils in my collection are, naturally, single pencils, the boxes long gone. But of course I do have many boxes of 12 as well.

When I have a box of 12 I am always tempted to call it one pencil, with 11 spares. But then common sense prevails and I realise I need to keep the set together.

Is Prestige even a make?  Or is it just a random brand name stamped on a supermarket pencil.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Pencil Pot

Inspired by Bleistift's Pencil Pot of the Month series, he's my pencil pot of the .... well, here's my pencil pot.  This handsome object sits on my desk at work.

 It's a shiny steel affair.
And here are the pencils that are in in - all well used

an Apsara Platinum EXTRA-DARK - very soft lead - and a novelty left-handed pencil.  (I know that my readers (cough), they will understand!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

L&C Hardtmuth purchases

These are the Hardtmuths that I bought in Paris - a closer look at the six of them together.

They make a nice set -- Hardtmuth always make a very well presented pencils, the lacquer is good, the lettering accurate.

I sense a Japanese influence in the newest pencil here- the Toisin D'Or.  It looks like a Tombow. It's a very solid pencil, but I have to say that the typeface is much less attractive and less distinctive than in the older models.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

A smart stationery shop in Paris

While in Paris I didn't confine myself to the flea markets, I also visited a chic little shop off Rue St Hororé,  attracted by this display in the window
 A set of Hardmuth Toisin D'Or, in a leather case -- for the pretty good price of €40.
Inside the shop they had a display of vintage pencils - Ticonderoga's Mikados and others.  I didn't get a photo though.

They had a good selection of pencils - this is what I bought.

AG Spalding make pens, I haven't seen any pencils before - I think they probably belong in the 'advertising' category rather than counting as a brand name pencil.