Thursday, 7 July 2016

A smart stationery shop in Paris

While in Paris I didn't confine myself to the flea markets, I also visited a chic little shop off Rue St Hororé,  attracted by this display in the window
 A set of Hardmuth Toisin D'Or, in a leather case -- for the pretty good price of €40.
Inside the shop they had a display of vintage pencils - Ticonderoga's Mikados and others.  I didn't get a photo though.

They had a good selection of pencils - this is what I bought.

AG Spalding make pens, I haven't seen any pencils before - I think they probably belong in the 'advertising' category rather than counting as a brand name pencil.


orphanwork said...

Hi can you give the exact address pls ?

Anonymous said...

It is on Rue du Marché Saint-Honoré (which is a very short street) and it's called Styl Honore.